post operative EXPECTATIONS & care


Some pain is expected following surgery. Take your prescribed anti-inflammatory as directed.


Swelling will gradually increase during the first 3 days before it begins to improve. Please see instructions under Ice for how to manage swelling.


Expect some bleeding after surgery. This may continue for several hours. Be sure to place the gauze directly over the socket and bite down to apply pressure. Keep the gauze in place until the bleeding stops. You can also use a wet tea bag (black tea bag) in the same manner. The tea contains chemicals that can help control the bleeding.


Slight bruising may occur. It is not necessarily a sign of a complication. Bruising will usually resolve over a period of a week.

Jaw Stiffness/Numbness

Weakness of the jaw muscle may cause difficulty in opening your mouth for a few days following surgery. This is a normal post-operative event that will resolve in time. If numbness of the lip, chin, or tongue occurs, there is no cause for alarm. This is usually temporary in nature. If it is concerning, let us know.